Elijah's Xtreme Regret Scorpion Reaper Hot Sauce, 5oz.

Scoville Heat Units (SHU): 250,000 - 1,000,000
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Elijah's Xtreme Regret Scorpion Reaper Hot Sauce, 5oz.:

  • SMOKIN’ HOT Red Savina habanero peppers and Naga Jolokia ghost peppers make up Elijah’s Ghost Pepper Sauce. With SHUs of 577,000 and 1,001,300 respectively, it’s like a molten lava field washing over your taste buds
  • LEGENDARY Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion peppers are over 1 million scovilles. These peppers are so hot that the Indian government uses them in military-grade smoke bombs.
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED with lime juice and garlic, Elijah's Xtreme Regret Scorpion Reaper Hot Sauce is one of the hottest and most flavorful hot sauces available. Using only the highest quality ingredients and processes for consistent potency.
  • HANDCRAFTED father-and-son recipe gives your own chili, barbecued ribs and chicken wings a fiery, sweat-inducing kick. Fat-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly for all your family and friends

Ingredients: Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina reaper chili peppers, water, carrots, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar, garlic, acetic and citric acids (acidity regulators), onion, lemon, passion fruit (citric extracts), sugar cane vinegar, xanthin gum (thickener), ascorbic acid (antioxidant).