CODE ONE 80% High Potency Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer 3 Pack, 3/16oz.

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CODE ONE 80% Alcohol High Potency Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer, 16oz. - NEW Limited Quantity Available.

Help to support our small business by purchasing a bottle of hand sanitizer formulated using the WHO recipe to combat extreme germs and viruses.  We have partnered with our hot sauce vendors who have converted their facility from hot sauce production to manufacture the new Code One 80% Alcohol Ultra High Potency Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer formula that is recommended by the FDA and World Health Organization.

Although hot sauce is our specialty, We are trying to do our part, both to keep our employees working and to help provide a valuable resource to the public during the fight of this pandemic. We have shifted gears to help in this situation by producing this Ultra High Potency 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.  This product can be found in Hospitals and Health departments in New York, California, Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida.

We would like to give a special thank you to all of the Doctors, Nurses, and First Responders that put themselves at risk to help everyone.  May we all come together as Americans during this crisis by sharing and showing consideration for one another. Help us to keep the country safe and in business.

About the manufacturing:

The Code One hand sanitizer is manufactured to the specifications of the FDA and World Health Organization with an Ultra High concentration of 80% alcohol by content.  With a higher alcohol concentration, this hand sanitizer is designed to be more effective than store shelf hand sanitizers that are 60% alcohol by content. The FDA and WHO believe that this concentration is most beneficial to best defend against all strains of germs and viruses.

PROUDLY MADE IN USA! Kills 99.9% of Common Germs.